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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are you a cell phone addict?

Do you hold your cell phone, in you hand, all the time?

Do you check every couple of minutes if you missed a call?

Do you think “who should I call” every spear minute you have?

Do you use your cell phone for more then an hour a day?

Do you walk with one friend and specks to an other friend over the cell phone?

Do you call people from your car and end the conversation when reaching your destination?

Do you use your cell phone when ever there is a spear moment?

Do you have several cell phones?

Do you upgrade your cell phone every year or two?

Do you upgrade your cell phone to a new model even when the old one is still OK?

Do you own a heavy duty cell phone pate plan with discounts and special offers?

Do you work using your cell phone?

Then you may be interested in the fact that most of the research the claim that cell phones are safe, like the interphone study, uses the term “regular user” for a user who used his cell phone for one call up to 30 minutes per week for six month.

The question that should be asked is what effect will cell phone have over your health if you use it for more than one hour per day, 30 hours per month, 360 hours per year for 20 years?

Want to know more?

Search for “interphone study regular user” on the net, or visit

See Paragraph #5 on:

See paragraph #3, line #9 on:

Basic info about the interphone study (without an explanation to the term “regular user” ):

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