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Thursday, July 16, 2009

EMR sources in the house

EMR sources in the house:

We all use electric and electronic equipment in the house. Electronic equipment makes our life much easier. Usually when electronic equipment is being used, electromagnetic radiation is being emitted from it, mostly in low frequency, but sometime also in High frequency.

EMR low frequency sources in the house:


Air condition.


Electric Ovens.

Power suppliers and voltage converters.

Stereo and home entertainment systems.


Computers and laptops

In house wiring.

Electric cabinets.

Electric Heating systems including Electric floor heating systems (

Compact fluorescent lamp (

EMR High frequency sources in the house:

DECT and other types of cordless phones, even on standby mode

Microwave ovens, when in use.

WiFi routers and equipment.

Bluetooth equipment.

Your cell phone, when using it, and once in while in Standby mode.

Baby monitors.

How to limit the exposure in the house:

In your house you are the master, you can very easily control the way you use the equipment. By following some basic rules and steps you can reduce your exposure. So what to do?

Keep a safe distance from working electric and electronic equipment.

Minimize the use of cordless phones, WiFi, Bluetooth and cell phone while in the house.

Disconnect electric equipment from the power socket when not in use.

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