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Friday, July 31, 2009

EMR sources in the car

EMR sources in the car

The car, being moving on open roads, is subjective to EMR from all outdoor sources. In addition the car is a reach EMR environment by it self. All the electronics and electric parts and units in it emit different levels of EMR, both in low and high frequencies. In the last few years, the cellular technology was adopted by many automobile equipment manufactures and this adds to the overall EMR in the car. In addition to that the car body is made mostly out of metal. Being made out of metal, the body of the car serve as a partial faraday cage ( making it hard for the EMR being emitted inside the car cabin to make it’s way out. There for, if the source to the EMR is inside the car cabin, like in the case of a cell phone and a Bluetooth hands free kit without an external antenna on the outside of the cabin, the cell phone will need to emit more than usual radiation in order to establish and maintain a communication channel to it’s receiver.

Electric Cars:

Regarding electric vehicles, there have been some reports of physical phenomena that can be related to exposure of electric car passengers to EMR while using electric cars. The use of electric motors (that are based on Electro-magnetic concepts) and the electric wiring that connects the batteries and the motors from the rear part of the cabin to the front, can contribute to more Low frequency EMR than in regular cars, however this was not yet proven and was not yet examined by the team.

Low frequency sources from inside the car:

  • Car’s alternator
  • Car’s electric wires
  • Car’s main computer and electronic systems.
  • Car’s entertainment systems.

High frequency source from inside the car:

  • Mobile phones.
  • Bluetooth hands free kits.
  • Cell phone’s hand free kits without an external antenna
  • Car alarm and tracking systems.
  • Driving analysis systems.
  • MP3 and ipod audio FM transmitters.
  • Hand held communication devices.

How to limit the exposure from sources inside the car:
  • Place your seat according to the right driving position and as far as possible from the front of the car.
  • Don’t use your cell phone while in the car if you don’t have an external antenna.
  • Make sure that your car entertainment system doesn’t use FM transmitters.
  • Don’t use other EMR sources while inside the car.

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