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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Panorama - Wi-fi a warning signal

This BBC program brings forward some of the bad things about WIFI and cell phone radiation.

The program shows that WIFI emits RF radiation, up to 3 times the radiation measured near a cell phone mast.

It reviles the problematic of the international and national standards for max radiation exposure/emission that takes into account only the thermal effect of the radiation and disregards the biological effect which accords in much lower radiation levels.

In the program several scientists from both views on this issue are interviewed. The conflict of interest of some scientists is shown.

The program takes a pick into the life of several EHS persons in the UK and Sweden.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. join the club - isnt wifi great.
    i have just had to speak to my neighbours to ask them (kindly) to switch off their DECT phones. i like you have suffered for years. work think i am joking. the doctor didnt have any suggestions other than beta blockers!

  2. Same here and I understand it is the same all over the world. EHS people has to coupe with daily exposure and to being a laughing material by their friend (not the close ones) their coworkers and doctors.
    There are some ways to protect you house from outside radiation; I will try to show some of them on this blog soon.

    No Rad