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Monday, July 21, 2008

My story – Part 1 – The early years

The first time I felt that something is wrong with me was when I was 23, at around 1997. It happened when I asked one of my friends to use his mobile phone in order to make a short call. After 2 minutes of conversation I began to feel pain in the upper right side of my head. After that phone call, which ended very quickly, I decided not to buy a mobile phone for the time being, and I managed to pass several years without paying more attention to this issue.

A few years later, when I bought my first mobile phone I felt it again. In those days I did not know that this is a widely spread phenomena (about 10% of the people are EHS and only 2 % know about it!), and that other people feel the pain the same way as I do. I assumed that there is something wrong with me, but I managed to avoid the problem and reduce the pain by making only short calls and always using a wired headset.
At that time I did not use or owned a home wireless phone so I assumed this problem I have is limited to Mobile phones and mobile phones only.

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