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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

about 60% of the students in ORT HOLON are suffering from RF Radiation sickness due to a cell tower 20 meters from the school!

According to videos and publications done by the parents of this school students (ages 12-18), it seems that about 60% of the students already suffer from headache, nausea and other symptoms of RF Radiation Sickness.
RF Radiation test reports shows average levels of up to 6uW/cm2 in the school.
The parents started a stick.
The City of Holon offered to install Temp RF protection on the windows of the classes that face the antenna. It seems that it brought a 90% reduction in RF levels.

This is possible because the high non-protective RF so called safety standards that allow up to 400-1000 uW/cm2. This is because of the ministry of environment protection policy to comply with ICNIRP standards.  Until RF safety standards will be based on Biological damage and health effect of RFR, we will see this happen again and again all over the world.

Videos from the parents protest in front of the school.
The videos are in Hebrew but you can hear the parents shouting slogans to remove the tower and the kids symptoms.

Empty classes because of the stick -

In the picture - The video from one of the classes (source facebook group)

In the picture - a poster made by the parents - Translation:
"Saying No! to the cellular radiation in Ort Holon.
The Health of our children is not a toy!
Join our fight" 

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