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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Israeli Ministry Of Education (the state) reply in the WiFi in Israeli Schools low suite

Few days ago the state gave it's reply to the court.
In it's reply, the state repeats its claims that the law suite was premature and that the all deployment of internet networks in schools is still in the process. They try to convince the court by detailing explaining the time table of events during this law suite, over 10 pages out of 16 of their reply.

There second point they are trying to make is that the court should not intervene in the work of the ministry of education. The state claim that this work is based on the work of several committees of "professional experts" (only one of then admit there is a none thermal effect of EMF, this person was against WIFI in school all along), and which I don't believe any one of the other "experts" even know what RF radiation is, how it is measured and which biological effects exist. 

In it reply, the state also report to the court about it's findings about what happened in a school in Rishon Lezion when student complained of headaches and other EMF exposure related symptoms. They reported of 41 students that complained out of more than 400 (we know about more then 70 out of less than 300). The report describes their symptoms as none specific (they were specific to the exposure and got better when the exposure was reduced but the report somehow does not say anything about that). The report say that the radiation tests show the RF levels were within the Israeli standard (10% of ICNIRP, well come on - EHS symptoms accords at very low level, obviously lower then a thermal based standard, even 1000 lower. By the way I can report that we have an official test report that show levels between 1-5uW/cm2 which very high as far as EHS goes).  The report concludes that the number of kids that suffer from the symptoms was too large there for it must not be real (if the number was lower that would say it is not a cluster). Over all they concluded that because the number of the school children that complained was too high (~8.5%), the symptoms are not specific, and the levels measure were very low, this could not be EHS (I think it is exactly the reasons why this must be EHS and nothing else).

The next hearing will be in few months at  11.2.2015.

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