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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Court approve a settlement agreement in a class action against phone companies in ISRAEL

This week (29/07/2014) the district court in Tel Aviv, Israel, approved a settlement agreement between 2 main Israeli cellphone providers, Pelephone and Partmer. A similar agreement was singed with Hot Mobile. A similar class action is still pending aginst Cellcom LTD. The class action was submitted by Attorney Ronnie Kordonr who argued that mobile phones that are fixed by these companies are not retested for radiation emission.
The settlement agreement has 3 key points:
1. The companies will warn their users not to hold their cellphones about the risk of holding the mobile phones next to their bodies. To my opinion this step is very important since smart phones emit RF radiation even when in idle mode so people should know that they need to keep them away and not in their pockets.
2. For a limited time, the cellphone companies will cell wired earpiece for 10NIS (about 3US$). To my opinion this step is very good since it will encourage people to use earpiece that if used currently (while the phone is a way as possible from the body) will reduce their exposure to the RF radiation emitted by the smart phone while talking.
3. The cellphone companies will be obligated to recheck the RF emission of the cellphone after being fixed. If the phone will exceed the standard in more than 12% it will be sent to the manufacture. To my opinion this step is not effective since the radiation tests that will be done are according to heat based standards. If a phone passes these test, it does not mean it is a safe phone.

In general I applaud the achievements compromise, hedge Section 3.

Congratulations initiators claim and attorney Rani Korndonr.

Original article translated using Google Translator:

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