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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4G (LTE) cellphone network was launched in ISRAEL

This week the ministry of communication allowed the cellphone companies to use a narrow bend of frequencies they already own in order to lunch and operate 4G preliminary network.
Companies that have no spear band will be allocated with a 5M band.
The use of these frequencies will be allowed until the companies will buy new frequency bands for their 4G network.
Orange, which already deployed a partial 4G network, turned its' network ON and is now allowing it's costumers to use it. 
The full deployment is expected after the biding procedure for the frequencies will end.

In Herzeliya, the city I live in, Orange deployed an experimental 4G network in the last few month. Every time I went to the downtown I felt pain around my neck and Thyroid glance.
From what I read, In countries that already deployed 4G, EHS people are suffering more than before.

The Ministry of Communication press release:


  1. Hi, here in Germany we have nearly full 4G-coverage. For me as an EHS-sufferer it's much more difficult to find a place where i can feel comfortable now.

    We have to stop this madness by telling the world what a tragedy this is for those who suffer!

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