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Monday, March 3, 2014

Sofia - "energy supplies have Been cut off"

Sofia has contacted me a while ago asking for guidance regarding her EHS condition. She lives in Victoria - australia. I did my best to helps here and guy her through getting the knowledge and tools to reduce her exposure to EMF radiation.
One of the first things she did, even before contacting me, was to change back her wireless electric smart meter to an analog one. Her condition improved significantly after the removal of the smart meter.

Today she informed me that

"My energy supplies have Benn cut off. Because I've requested to change my meter back to Analogue. No state gov organisation is willing to help
You can post it on your blog or Facebook. There is NO HUMAN RIGHTS HERE IN VICTORIA. I am now using my mobile because I have no other choice to communicate. I am now very sick and unable to sleep at all :(
Rgs, Sofia"

So now we need your help. If you can assist sofia in any way, please don't be too say to contact me at and I will pass your offer to sofia.
Thanks in advance.Amir B.

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