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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Police interviews protesters against cellphone antennas which is next to a school with about 70 students with EMF radiation related symptoms

The tension and drama around the protest against cellphone antennas of parents (of kids with EHS symptoms) and residence in the "kiryat Ganim" neighborhood, in the city of "Rishon Letzion"claims to new levels after last week the police interviewed and investigated several parents and leaders of the protest. The investigation was regarding some graffiti on the walls of the shopping center on which the antennas are installed and on the wall surrounding the school.
Some of the parents were asked to come to the police station and some were brought there in a police car.
The police seems to have a video of the person who did the graffiti, but from some reasons the police is investigating the parents and leaders of the protests, maybe trying to send a message.

As we reported few weeks back(,, in the "Negba" school in this neighborhood, more than 70 students (kids of 7-11 years old) developed EHS symptoms after a cellphone antenna was installed on a shopping center 50 meters from the school, after WIFI was installed in the schools and while Cellphones' use is not band in the school. The students stated showing symptoms about a year ago and only in the last few weeks parents started to find out that other kids in the school are suffering from similar symphony as their own and that the symptoms might be related to RF exposure.

It is a pity that instead of working towards removing of these antennas and reducing the exposure of the kids to RF radiation, parents or kids with EHS symptoms are being taken to the police station.

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