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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

EHS pupils in the news in ISRAEL

Last week I reported about 30 kids in an elementary school in Rishon Lezion that are feeling sick with EHS related symptoms when going to school. The school is located next to several cell phone antennas/masts that are installed over small shopping center, 50 meters next to the school.
In the past week this story got to the media and there where few reports of it in the newspapers, radio and TV.
In the meantime it seems like the number of kids with symptoms has gone up to more than 70, in this schools a long.
I think that more kids around the country are suffering from the some symphtoms and that most of them don't connect the symphtoms to the radiation exposure to the radiation emitted by their cellphones, the WIFI routes and wireless PC in schools and other sources of RF like cellphone towers.

News paper reveies (via Google translator) :

Please see bellow the TV reports of this issue(in Hebrew):

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