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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Article about the "Stop WIFI in schools" law suit and EHS kids in ISRAEL

The case of WIFI in schools and EHS students reached the site which is a very popular, wide audience,  medical site (not just for doctors) in Israel. The actical tells the story of the lawsuit to the supreme court that is led by attorney Michael Bach and attorney Dafna Tachover. The law suite was filled after it become clear that the ministry of education is recommending wired internet connection but deploying WIFI in all the schools nation wide. In latest report to the court the ministry of education admitted that WiFi was installed in about ~75% of the schools in Israel.
Attorney Dafna Tachover filled to the court 13 affidavit of parents of EHS students, all young kids. lately we found out that more than 70 kids in "Negba" elementry school in Rishon Lezion" might also be EHS.

Press here for the original article in Hebrew 

Press here for Google translation of the article into English

Picture from the actricle

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