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Sunday, October 7, 2012

September 2012 - Summary report

Summary report 09-2012

No Radiation For You

Hello readers, EHS people, supporters and activists.
The last month was another busy month in which I was engaged in awareness activity in the Israeli media. Together with Dafna Tachover ( ) and several other EHS and activities we managed to bring EHS to the headline in Israeli main stream media (see the blog for details).

We are now working to achieve 2 main objectives:
1.     Better awareness of the public to EHS and to biological health effect of none-ionizing radiation and in the long run government recognition of EHS.
2.     Stop the deployment of WIFI in schools.

In the passing month we manage to add to our achievements from past months, the following:
1.     I did an additional interview in the IDF radio station about WIFI in schools. The interview was done in order to emphasis that WIFI deployment was not stopped and that the representative of the ministry of health, professor Sigal Sidesky and the representative of the ministry of education PhD Offer Rimon only recommend on wired internet when on most, if not all, the schools WIFI was and is being deployed.
2.     The Supreme Court set a date (6.2.2013) for first discussion about the suite That was filled by attorney Michael Bach in the name of the Israeli Parents leadership, the forum for sane cellphone use and Attorney and EHS activist Dafna Tachover    filed against the ministry of education about the deployment of WIFI in schools (in 26/08/2012). To read more about the lawsuit please visit:
3.     Israeli TV channel 2 morning show held a debate between Professor Eitan Friedman (not from our side) and PhD Zamir Shalita ( ). Link (in Hebrew) -,209320
4.     We were approached by a leading TV news channel in Israel for interviews regarding EHS and the wide spread of RF radiation. PhD. Zamir shalita, myself and Sigi (an EHS person) were interviewed few weeks ago. We expect the interviews to be broadcast in the next few days.

I hope I will have more good updates soon.
Please see bellow the summary of my activity in the English sites and blogs.

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Amir Borenstein

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