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Sunday, October 7, 2012

August 2012 - Summary Report

Summary report 08-2012

No Radiation For You

Hello readers, EHS people, supporters and activists.

I am filling this report more than a month later than I should due to being very busy, read the report to see what I was so busy doing.

08-2012 month was another busy month in which I was engaged in awareness activity in the Israeli media. Together with Dafna Tachover ( and several other EHS and activities we managed to bring EHS to the headline in Israeli main stream media (see the blog for details). 

We are now working to achieve 2 main objectives:
1.     Better awareness of the public to EHS and to biological health effect of none-ionizing radiation, and in the long run government recognition of EHS.
2.     Stop the deployment of WIFI in schools.

In the passing month we manage to add to our achievements from past months, the following:
1.    A 10 minutes TV show about EHS in Israeli Channel 10 (second wide spread TV channel in Israel). In this Show they interviewed me, PhD Zamir Shalita, Avram Tachover (the father of Dafna) and from the other side Prof Sigal Sidesky as the government representative. This was a very big achievement and we worked on it for several weeks. First time that the subject of EHS was brought into main stream TV in Israel at high rating hours. Link (The show is in Hebrew) -
2.     On the 10/08/2012 Another article about EHS and EMR was published in the Israeli media by Aviv Lavi -
3.     In 21/08/2012 the ministry of education replies to our pre lawsuit letter. In it's letter the ministry rejected our claims that WIFI is being deployed as the only option in Israeli schools and claimed that the ministry has done all it can to limit the danger. The ministry refused to ban WIFI in schools.
5.     Finally, on the 26/08/2012 a lawsuit was filed to the Israeli Supreme Court about the deployment of WIFI in Israeli schools. The suite was filled by attorney Michael Bach in the name of the Israeli Parents leadership, the forum for sane cellphone use and Attorney and EHS activist Dafna Tachover. For more info about the lawsuit please read on Dafna's blog: 

I hope I will have more good updates soon.

Please see bellow the summary of my activity in the English sites and blogs.

English web site –
Pages that were update with new info:
2.       EMR Knowledge
3.       Links
4.       Dirty Electricity
5.       EMR Basic Terms 

Visits: 1795
Unique Visitors: 1520
Page views: 3277
Page/vist: 1.83
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Views – 1200 

views: 5445
1.     WIFI radiation from router and several wireless laptops - long (English subtitles) –
2.     WIFI radiation from router and several wireless laptops - short (English subtitles) -

 Hebrew web site - 
8 pages were updated with new text and info.
1 new page was created
Visits: 2833
Unique Visitors: 2289
Pageviews: 5197
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Avg. Visit Duration: 00:04:41

Hebrew blog
19 new posts were published
More than ~2500 visits to the blog.

Be Well 
Do Good

Amir Borenstein

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