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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Supreme Court in Italy - Brain tumor was caused by cellphone!

The Supreme Court in Italy ruled last week that Innocente Marcolini tumer was linked to his heavy cellphone use.

This case may pave the way for other RF radiation victims that got sick because of their cellphone use and unaware exposure to RF radiation. The first wave of law suites will probably be in the EU, mainly in Italy. 
Other then the impotency of this rolling for Innocente Marcolini, this rolling has a great impotency since it can be used as a precedence. 

An extreme impotency is due to the fact that the court chose to dismiss studies that showed no risk because they were financially backup by the cellphone industry. The court based his ruling on the studies done by Lennart Hardell which show that people who used their cellphone and wireless phone had more risk of developing a brain tumor
I hope that this ruling will mark the start of the low suite tsunami. 
I hope it will create more awareness in the public about the possible risk of RF radiation exposure.
I hope that it will bring us more closer to  acknowledgment of EHS and other EMR related health effects, world wide.

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