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Friday, July 6, 2012

EHS on the Israeli radio - continue

Today, Monday, 25.6.2012, the leading Isreali radio program "making lunch" with top journalist Yael Dan, conducted several interviews with EHS person Hannah (pseudonym) and Dafna Tchovr. Prof. Siegel Sadezky Epidemiology Unit Director at Gartner institute (belonging to the Ministry of Health), a leading expert in the subject of radiation and the representative of the Ministry of Health was also interviewed.
Here is the essence of what went on this part of the show. My comments are marked with a gray background.

Rachel story

Rachel, a teacher-professor stopped working because of here sensitivity to WIFI radiation and the high radiation exposure at all educational institutions that use WIFI. She went on describing the suffering she experiences every day. Rachel's main points:

"I don’t want to say my name, I don’t want  to be identified"
"I was suddenly deprived of the right to live"
"I have a lot of challenges that I need to cope with"
"I can not stand people's reactions about my condition, I do not want to deal with the reactions of people"
"I no longer live"
"Two and a half years ago, they sent me to speak in class that was inside boom protected area (from those of you that don't know, in most of Israel there are boom shelter  and reinforced rooms in every building. In schools and collages they are used as regular classes in days of peace, the walls are made of concert and are very thick), probably meaning that concrete walls, I felt a headache, each day it become worse, at the seventh day I broke down, there was a wireless router inside the room"
"Since then I had to move because the neighbors installed WIFI routers"
"I moved to a more isolated place"
"Two months ago, things got even worse ... a more severe reaction appeared, headaches and trembling"
"A lot of neighbors have installed routers, and several also upgraded to more powerful routers"
"I tried to sleep in all kinds of parking lots that I thought there were safe... but few days after my condition got even worse  ... the whole body vibrates, dizziness .. I can not describe"
"I got a laptop from an EHS buddy, in order to see the WIFI routers  and to measure the WIFI radiation, and I suddenly saw a huge list (of routers) everywhere I went ... and I said here, here and here I have suffered, obviously now I see the list"
"I thought maybe a beach today, in an open area I will be able to sleep  ... I slept on the beach in a sleeping bag ... In the beginning I felt a little bit better but soon it got worse, I do not know how to explain it, maybe my body is not too loaded too stressed out and it collapsing... I can not endure more... I took a laptop there and I also saw many WIFI networks some form kilometer away in a nearby hotel .. and several networks from few remote houses. "
"I do not sleep, I do not live, I want to sleep one minute that all I want in life right now"
"I went to City Hall once and asked to sleep in a boom shalter ... they told me take psychiatric drugs"
"I went to many doctors and they did not know what to do with me, besides the family doctor that told me that he knew that radiation causes neurological problems but there are no studies and that he has no solutions for me."

Attorney Dafna Tachovr:

"I am very sorry for what Rachel experience, but it is very true and I was there"
"People like me can prove, in five minutes, this disease and I was examined by three doctors who issued me letters, one of whom is a known professor that also have PhD  in physics which did a " double blinded test ", we both did not know if the radiation was on of off and I could tell timidity. 

Yael Dan - "Those doctors who examine you, did they expose you to radiation in order to see how you react?"

Dafna - "Yes, I knew right away I said that the radiation is on .. In addition there were all kinds of physiological reactions, when the radiation was stopped my pulse immediately fell back again to normal"

Yael Dan - "How do the world refer to EHS? The woman who is perhaps the expert in radiation will be listening..."

Daphne - "She is not an expert in radiation, she is a cancer specialist"

Yael Dan -  "How do the world refer to EHS?  The establishment in Israel do not acknowledge EHS , 
Thee Departmen Social Security told us, the phenomenon does not appear in the deficiencies list of social security and is not recognized as a disease. If it will be recognized by the Ministry of Health as a disease we will address this issue. The spokesmanof the Ministry of Health said the issue is known to the Ministry of Health, a causal relationship between radiation and the phenomena was never proven, including studies carried out on the subject, for example, in some cases the subjects were not been able to distinguish between real radiation and "facked" radiation. The medical and scientific community in the world did not recognize causation and not formulated clear recommendations on the subject. (to Dafna) Tell me what do you know about reactions of the world. "

Daphne - The Ministry of Health has never done anything to check patient's complaints. It was proposed to  Mrs. Sadezky to meet with sensitive people but she refused ... 
The   " WHO in 2005 determined it was a real disease and claimed that it had not yet been proven that the disease is related to radiation",
"A scientist said about the decision of the WHO that is "bull ..., that the decision of the World Health Organization (the WHO) had nothing to do with real science and that WHO will have to change it soon,"
"EHS is recognised in sweden as functional disability, meaing that the problem is not in the person himself but in the environment, contaminating human and causing physiological reactions". 
3% of sweeds are registered with the condition, although alot more are EHS. Even in Sweden the state dose not know know how to deal with this epidemic and try to reject as many applications  as  possible".
"   Austrian Medical Association issued in March 2012 a document with  dozens of pages guiding the doctors how to diagnose the disease, declares that this condition is read and teaches how to help people reduce the radiation in their homes"
"Hospital in Canada reported that he knows the condition, called for doctors to learn it and began a program of training medical staff to treat the injured,"
"Belgium submitted a bill to recognize the condition and to establish free radiation zoons",
"In 2009 the European Parliament recognized the (Note - a decision that Professor Siegel Sadezky based one of here documents on in the past and therefore know about) illness as real and not  psychosomatic ". 
"In 2011 the European Council decided that EHS is real and that a genuine care to patients and reduce their exposure is needed." Not only that the decision said the conditon is real and not psychosomatic, but stated that it is caused by radiation."
Daphne also mentioned the new physiological research is currently done by a group of leading scientists led by Professor Belpomme. The study proves beyond doubt that EHS is a physiological. In the sutdy they  measured the physiological changes in the body regardless to the awareness or feeling of the subject. To date, the study examined 1,000 people with EHS, and found that in all of them the blood-brain barrier was breached and a variety of troubling symptoms accorded in their brain."
"Based on partial repots from this study the European Council stated that this EHS is a real condition that is caused by electromagnetic radiation."

The words of  Professor Siegel Sidtzki and commentary by NO-RAD in blue color

Yael Dan asked Prof. Sadezky as the representative of the Ministry of Health: "Does the Ministry of Health recognizes EHS, and we know he does not, and why is the ministry does not acknowledged this phenomenon?"
Professor Sadezky divided the answer into three topics:
A. Research should examine different disease causation. Does such a phenomenon exists or not
B. Disease, symptoms and how people feel. What should be done to people complaining about the phenomenon (it does not sound too good in Hebrew as well)
C. What to do from an environmental perspective.

Professor Sadezky: "I agree with Daphne Tchover that these symptoms exist, They are very rare by the way, and they exist with very few people".

NO RAD - is it really so rare? I know that 3% (as in Sweden and now as the California Health ministry showed already in 2002) It's not - so rare. There are very few diseases that plague at least 3% of the population, especially when it comes to a young population. 3% is the lowest statistical record that exists. When I'm going to lecture, and I ask how many of you experience headaches after using the mobile, several people always raise their hand, at least 10% of the people.

Yael Dan: "Once we started our first interview with Daphne, we were flooded with dozens of inquiries from people. Tens of them"

Professor Sadezky: "You look at the tip of the iceberg here. That you you fladed, I do not know if you count, how many people cald. I'm talking to you now about information and statistics from the world, that's what I should tell you as someone who judge things. And not as someone who sit on the radio and hear complaints from people. it should be clear to you that it was not quantitative and it is not something to be taken (as a report), of course I'm not saying, of course, if the problem is a rare problem, it should still be taken care of. No doubt about that at all. It is not the question, one person which suffers, is a person who suffers "

NO RAD - symptoms exist but are rare - not uncommon at all, anyone who feels pain or pressure in the head after cell phone use is sensitive to low-level radiation. According to estimations between 3% - 17% are sensitive to radiation. Contrary to what Sadezky said, there is no research showing less than 3% and multi-studies show between 5-10%. If Sadezky knows or another study let her show it.

Professor Sadezky: "It is true that there is such a phenomenon and this phenomenon is real to those people the is no doubted about it. These people deserve care, there's not doubt. The second thing is what causes this issue. You and I discussed not just once or twice before, You know I take very seriously all the factors that cell phones and other non-ionizing radiation cause, and of course I do what I can to limit and reduce the non-ionizing radiation  ".

NO RAD - even if the problem is rare, it needs to be dealt with  - I wonder what she means by "take care"? It seems that Professor Sadezky offers symptomatic treatment without limiting the exposure to RF radiation.

Considering that the WHO acknowledge EHS-what did Sadezky do on this meter, did Israel acknowledge EHS? And if the disease is not caused by radiation, did the state find out what is the cause? If you still do not know for sure what causes it and why the state ignores the victims and does not take care or help them? Is it the responsibility of the victims to find the cause to their illness, or is it the state responsibility?

Professor Sadezky: "Of course (there should be) some balance between the emerging technology, and the while of  the public, we're a democracy, and health needs. We are constantly tracking this issue and we are quite innovative in this field in very many respects, in our attempts to really limit the exposure... , I did not committed such research on my own "- Prof. Sadezky is a cancer researcher and not open to investigate electromagnetic sensitivity. In contrast, Prof. Dominic  Belpomme is a cancer specialist who took upon himself the subject of electromagnetic sensitivity.   Prof. Sadezky did not publish its findings (as part of the interphone study) about cancer rates in Israel despite millions of euros invested in research and years and yet it encourages the public to wait for further study. Moreover, it ignores the acceleration effect in cancer as soldiers came to Professor Elihu Richter after high exposure to microwave radiation in the army.

I wonder what Professor Sadezky means when she says "We're trying to limit exposure in the country" - The levels of exposure that the Ministry of Health defines as dangerous are based on the non-protective and non-biological standards of ICNIRP. These standards take into account only the effect of heat. The ICNIRP standard is between 400-1000 ICRNIP micro watts per square centimeter. The Israeli standard is between 40-100  micro watts per square centimeter.  I'm starting to feel bad already at levels of 0.1 micro watts per square centimeter, after only few seconds, Rachel (and other EHS people) is more sensitive than me. In recent weeks, the Health Ministry filed (by Prof. Sditzki) a justification document  for fourth generation mobile phone network. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates are that the personal exposure level from antennas will rise from an average of 0.1 to 5 micro watts per square centimeter (and still the health ministry refers to this estimation as optimistic). The ministry does not try to stop the deployment, but only notes that it will not be able to assess the damage to human life and health.

Remarks not by NO RAD - Since Prof. Sadezky did not published its findings so far on brain tumors and tumors of the auditory nerve, you can not tell if she will publish here future findings to the public. What was will be. She has published only the findings of salivary glands tumors and the Interphone study was closed in the meantime. The public has a right to know what were the results of the Israeli Interphone, in which millions of euros were invested. Half of its research funding came from the international mobile industry, and it took years. Before requiring the public to wait for further research the public must be informed of the studies done so far.
when information is being withheld from the public about risk of the technology, Is this really a democracy? What happened to one of the fundamental values ​​of democracy of the protection of the weak? Did we defend the weak only when it is convenient? Is there no need to protect EHS people because it is not economic or uncomfortable or against the will of the mobile operators and mobile addicts?
Not only that ministry of health did not try to stop the deployment, but Professor Sadezky and Prof. Grotto said that the ministry of health will not be able to assess the damage to human life and health in the near future.
basic facts from the document:

  •  "The transition to generation 4 will rise the environmental radiation level, when its size and its effects are unclear."
  • "At present and in the near future, it is impossible to quantify the risk of morbidity and mortality from exposure to radio frequency radiation."
  • "The Ministry of Health can not estimate the health damage that may occur increasing exposure to radiation, as a result of the move to use fourth-generation technology, mobile network"
Is this really an attempt to limit exposure by Professor Sadezky? It appears that she say that she try to limit the exposure levels. But in reality she and Prof. Grotto backed the decision to deploy a fourth generation mentioned above.

"I did not research it myself" - Prof. Sditzki investigates cancer, cancer takes decades to emerge and are generally several decades until proven link between cancer-specific factor. It may be convenient for industry to investigate cancer. With cancer they have a few more decades of uncertainty. EHS is already here and it is proof that non-ionizing radiation exposure to very low levels, changes, impacts, damaging and hurt. Investigating EHS is not economic, Madison can not be sold (only reduction of  the exposure will help) and the fact that radio radiation exposure are the base of all wireless devices will make an immediate impact and immense damage to the business of mobile operators and technology.

Official recognition of EHS would be a recognition that exposure to non-ionizing radiation, even in very low levels and in different frequencies, changes physiological functionality, has a biological and health affects, damaging and hurt people. Researchers believe this segment will only grow in the future. Investigating EHS   is not economic, there is no drug that can be sold (but many industries are jumping on the wagon and offer magic protection products) when the best solution is to reduce exposure. Recognition that exposure to (RF) radio radiation , which all wireless devices are based on, can have an instant negative effect on people can cause economic damage to cellular companies. Recognition of EHS will forced them to reduce their activity.

The third issue by Professor Sadezky is what to do environmentally She said: "It's a really very big and I'll turn the question to another party, let's think of people that are asthmatics. No one has doubt that some people are  asthmatics, and no one  doubt that quarries and factories and air pollution are bad for asthmatics people. But we take care of asthmatic people and we do not stop life because of it."

It is True, we (as a society) do not stop life, but we do try to reduce air pollution to the minimum. And things that have no real need are prohibited, such as smoking. Today smoking in public places in not allowed and there is a heavy tax on cigarettes. The same principle apply also about burning of waste. In addition most countries have a set of limitations, standards and a tight control on air pollution. A few weeks ago, the WHO declared the smoke of diesel fumes as "probably carcinogenic in humans" because of a study showing a 50% greater risk of contracting lung cancer in people that were exposed. Compared to the Interphone study which results are considered to be under-estimation, found an increased risk of 100% (after satistical repairs in appendix #2) for people talking on their cell phone more than 27 minutes a day over 10 years. Hardell's studies found even greater risk. Should we not restrict the use of mobile and wireless? Is it not appropriated to allow only short calls and SMS? Shouldn't we limit and band web browsing, audio streaming , watching movies and TV shows? Is it really necessary to wait 40 years, like Ssidtzki said a few weeks ago? Do we really do not know?

Professor Sadezky is not interested in exploring EHS herself, she also believes there is no justification to do research on radiation sensitivity in Israel:
Regarding the question that Yael Dan asked, why there is no research on EHS in Israel, said Professor Sadezky: "Not on every issue we have to spend money and do research ourselves. If I know a particular fact from the world, that means I do not have to come and investigate. We do not have to invent the wheel all the time. We are an international community. for example the issue of the use of cell phones and cancer, I think is very important to check it in Israel, and this is because of a very simple reason. We (Israelis) use cell phones very different from the rest of the world. But if there is subject that was studied well in other places, we can learn them and not have to reinvent the wheel. There's no reason for unique research and by the way I encourage every scientist to go and investigate it. I encourage research on all matters. " Not only the no research was done about EHS in Israel, but the Health ministry ignore the complaints of EHS people and do not take them seriously. No one is thinking, "Maybe this thing is real, maybe we need to take a look"

Professor Stzdki said: "I am an independent researcher, I'm not a researcher of the Ministry of Health. I have my own research agenda, in my knowledge about the cellular and radiation in general, let me also correct about Daphne on this, I am advising Health ministry in this area but I do not work at the Ministry of Health. "
Note: odd, then for who does she works for? maybe the cellular companies? Who funds her activities? Why is she presented as the representative of the Ministry of Health?
This statement of Siegel Sadezky is very strange, she signed many documents of the Ministry of Health regarding RF and ELF and as I know she is working for an body of the Ministry of Health and this is precisely the reason why Yael Dan asked her at the beginning of the interview to say what is the position of the Ministry of Health.

Professor Sadezky: "too weeks ago I attended an international committee in Geneva, where again we have reviewed the recent evidence and scientific materiel about EHS, groups of very serious scientists , and the bottom line as the World Health Organization sees it today, is that this topic is relatively an easy topic to examination, because what you can do very easily it to expose people to it and see if they feel it or not. When I look at the total evidence and not on one particular study, there is no evidence today that this phenomenon is a phenomenon that can be attributed directly to radiation. Now I'm not saying that it is not related to radiation, I'm just saying that we have on this no scientific evidence. Maybe we have to do other studies, a million things can be done. today no proff, er ... no scientific proof that, indeed, this phenomenon is caused by radiation, and again I emphasize that this does not mean we should not treat these people. "

The last time I heard (or rather read a document of the Ministry of Health), the Health Ministry spokesman said "very serious group of scientists" It was about some scientists who opposed the declaration of IARC on the possible radio frequency  radiation being a possible carcinogenic to humans , and some of them were in serious conflict of interest (http:// I do not believe Sadezky looked at the total evidence, she is a very intelligent person and I'm sure if she would read the EHS  studies that reject the claims that EHS is related to radiation exposure, she would understood the flows in them immediately (see

Attorney Daphne Tachovr was given permission to say a few things, here are things in general:

""Mrs. Sadezky is wrong about the studies, the studies were funded by industry, their conduct was negligent altogether, they were conducted in rooms that had radiation when subjects have been tested. It is no easy to study the disease, not all patients are like a human meter that immediately can detect radiation. Many people get symptoms after prolonged exposure, so it's not true, and it has been proven studies that are funded by the industry have no real meaning "(they have lot of errors and mistakes)."

Attorney Dafna Tachovr is right, following are the errors in studies on radiation sensitivity

Common errors in studies on radiation sensitivity:

  • Subjects exposed to radiation of various types on their way to laboratories and research institutes.
  • Participants were exposed to radiation even when the main source was not activated, there was no controll over the ambient radiation level. The ambient levels are relatively low exposure levels, but they have an impact on some subjects.
  • Not all subjects are sensitive to all kinds and type of radiation. Some are extremely sensitive to GSM phone (like me), some are particularly sensitive to the WIFI or UMTS. Some are extremely sensitive to low frequency voltage lines. This fact was not taken into account, and no wonder that some subject could not identify the radiation to which they do not particularly sensitive.
  • Not every EHS person can feel any level of radiation immediately.
  • The recovery recovery time between exposure to exposure was to short for some subjects. Recovery of EHS people between exposure is gradual and sometimes takes several days.
  • Subjects who did not complete the all the tests were not included in the results of the study. That leaves the most sensitive (most likely they will be those that recognize all radiation) retired due to pain and symptoms and results of their tests were thrown in to the trash.
  • These studies examine only whether the subject "guessed right" rather than test for physiological changes during and after radiation exposure, such as blood pressure, pulse, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, brain waves, brain activity, and neural response.
These errors indicate a lack of professionalism and lack of understanding of the people who did the research. Sometimes mistakes are made on purpose to prove that there is no real cause and effect link between radiation and EHS symptoms. People and experts (supposedly) that cite those studies, showed a lack of professionalism and lack of understanding, as often they stop their reading in the title of the study and don't read the full study. The same thing happens in many studies in the field of radiation. If people would read to the end and understand what they read, I guess we would not be having this discossion about does RF or ELF radiation has a biological effect or if EHS is real. It seems that Sadezky is one of those people who did not read pass title of the studies.

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