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Monday, June 4, 2012

Israeli government share their views on 4G cellular network deployment for public review

2 weeks ago the ministries of communication, health and environment protection publish their views about the deployment of 4G cellular network in ISRAEL. Their documents where published on the Israeli government sharing website and are open for public feedback. Feedback should be sent to by end of working day, 15/06/2012. The docs are in hebrew and are located at:

In a nut shell, the ministry of communication praise the deployment of 4G as the saver of men kind and as a corner stone in Israel economy and education. The ministry of environment protection say that wireless traffic will increase 300 times, but radiaion levels will be kept "noral", "under the standard" and in so called "safe levels" since every house, building and office will install a 20mW femtocell ( ) and the avarage environmental exposure level will be "only" 5uW/cm2 (The estimations of the ministry of environment protection are based on what I think are very optimistic assumptions) . The health ministry say that the estimations of the ministry of environment protection are based on very optimistic assumptions. The health ministry say they can't estimate the number of deaths or the health effect of a 4G network over the Israeli population (and by that give up their responsibility on the meter). In his review, the health ministry does not acknowledge any biological effect of RF radiation nor does it acknowledge EHS.

The bottom line is that 4G is going to be deployed with tacking into considuration the "percutionary principle" which is an empty slogan that is used in order to create a show that things are done very carefully while considering all costs and risk, when it is not.

We (a group of activist and EHS survivors/warriors) started to send feedback about the docs.
If you want to take part just send your comments to , even in English.

More updates in the near future.


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  2. Here's a video, "Electromagnetic Fields: A Scientific Overview", by the late Dr. Theodore (Ted) Litovitz, Physicist and EMR Researcher, Catholic University of America, showing adverse health effects at levels 75,000 times lower than what Health Canada, without relaying a reported Error or Omission, claims is allowable under Safety Code 6.—dr-ted-litovitz.php

  3. HI Dianne!

    Thanks for your comment and the video. I will check it out!


  4. You are welcome No Rad. Here's another link for you to check out:

    "Please see... letter on wireless frequencies interacting with building development and infrastructure. That interaction violates Part 4 of BC Building Code on Vibration and brings on liability considerations.

    Can tests or Risk Management considerations for this EMF exposure on buildings and infrastructure be forwarded, are municipalities insured for this? Have engineers and applicable professionals been informed of it? Municipalities, fire services, engineers, contractors, etc require direction." ~ Curtis Bennett.

    Radio Frequencies Compromising Buildings, Fire Separations, Electrical Systems, Fire Safety, Infrastructure, etc.