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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bluetooth sleep monitor is a bad idea!

A reader of my site ( reported that after getting a CORNET ED75 RF/ELF meter he found out that his sleep monitor device (  )  emits constant RF, with bursts every couple of seconds. Being a sleep monitor device, you should put it on your forehead while you sleep. The sleep monitor device is a Bluetooth device that should be coupled with a smartphone. The device emit RF radiation while it communicate to the smart phone, and the smart phone also emit RF radiation while it communicate back to the device (this is how digital Bluetooth works, both sides transmit). The phone is than usually put on the bedside exposing the user to more RF radiation.  
To put an RF emitting Bluetooth device over your forehead while you sleep is a very bad idea!
Bluetooth devices emits constant RF radiation. 
To put a smartphone next to your bedside is also a bad idea as you are exposed to the RF it emits over night.

If only they will use wires and not Bluetooth, it would be a great product.

Video about Bluetooth RF emission:

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