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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mandatory whole flour bread while exposing kids to RF radiation

In the kindergarten my daughter goes to, the Ministry of Health (That do not understand the risk of EMF exposure and allow the deployment of RF base infrastructures) together with the ministry of education (that deploy WIFI in schools and allow the use of smart phone and wireless devices in class) , with the backup of some of the kids' parents (most who are heavy users of smartphones and wireless devices, most who give their kids a smartphone at the age of 7 and a tablet of the age of 3 months, those parents how contact the crew several times a day via the smartphone which make it necessary for the crew to carry their radiation emitting smart phones with them all day ) empuse the distribution of whole flour bread in launch. The kids don't like it , and don't eat the bread. If only the ministries and the parent would understand that RF radiation is more of a risk than white bread.

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