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Monday, October 23, 2017

A cell phone network provider in Israel will start selling smart mesh components for home use

According to Israeli leading news website - YNET, Cellcom, a leading Israeli cell phone network provider company, will start selling "Smart Mesh" wireless devices for home use to the public.
Smart Mesh is a technology in which every wireless network nod (a client) is also an access point (host) for other devices. This allow better reception and availability of WIFI and other wireless communication far away from the base station (the router) and with lower number of base stations.
The Radiation side of it is that every device no not only receive the signal and send back a handshake "OK I got it" signal, together with the "upload" channel, but also transmit a Beacon signal (max power output every 100mS) and sends data to other devices.
This is basicly the technology use in Smart Meters in the USA, Canada, Australia, and those of you that got hurt from it, know how problematic it is.
The deployment of such a network in house, will lead to wider exposure to RF radiation in this house, both over time, frequency and now also geographically (according to the placement of the devices in the house).

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