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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The spin of the last ministry of education CEO memo

Few days ago (  I reported about the recent CEO memo of the ministry of education released on the 5/04/2017. I thought it was a good step forward. But then it was reviled to me that the ministry of education have released a more robust memo just one day before, on the 4/4/2017 which banneded all use of cell phones by teachers and staff in schools and halting the use of cellphones for education purpose until future inspection of the issues.
It seems (from a report in Israeli newspapers, and from info I got from an activist) that this more robust ban was faced by opposition from the educational staff , teachers, and from schools that use cellphones in their educational program.  In order to face this opposition, the ministry issued a more softer version that only banned personal use.

Just an other piece of propaganda?
Back in the days of the appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court to asking stop the deployment of WIFI in schools, the ministry of education argued that WIFI tablets and laptops emit less radiation than smart phones (which is not true in all cases), and there for it's deployment will reduce the exposure in schools. This propaganda was widely used. But now if you look at what happens in schools in Israel, in many of which smart phones are used daily, it turns out that it was just an other empty slogan (and a spin) and the use of smart phones in schools is widely done, side by side with WIFI (adding to the radiation from WIFI systems), and even in schools that don't have WIFI.
Some will say "they use the smart phones with the WIFI not with cellular data", I am sorry to say that in real life this will not hold as most people , teachers included, don't know how to turn off the cellular data and leave only the WIFI On (and as I said before, WIFI in not better than cellular data in all cases).

One must Read between the lines
Reading between the lines of the Israeli Ministry of Education CEO memo, shows that as before still today, the ECO Memos are mostly propaganda, at list as far as non ionizing radiation is Concerned.
their purpose is create a misleading picture as if the ministry is acting to lower exposure, while in the field nothing is changed and without holding the ministry to real action. This is while the ministry does it best to deploy more Radio frequency Radiation (RFR) emitting emitting devices, and encouraging the use of more RFR devices in the class, and while the exposure in the school is becoming bigger and bigger.

One step forward, one step back
The banned over personal cellphone use by educational personal and staff is a positive thing. In same cases it will help to reduce exposure. Such is in my case, were in my kids kinda gardens the staff use their smart phones all day long, even when near the children.

Bellow the CEO Memo from 4/4/2017 - banning all use of cellphones by staff and teachers. Halting the use of cellphones for education purpose until future inspection of the issue.

Bellow the CEO Memo from 5/4/2017 - banning just personal use -

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