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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our New very simple RF Protection Hat - only $20, ready to wear

Our new Very Simple RF Protection Hat is based on our best seller RF Protection lining/Insert for hats with an additional visor and sweet band + stretchable strap on the back, making it the most basic, cheapest RF Protection Hat for EHS people around (as far as I know of). For only $20 you get a ready to wear hat in 60-62cm (24.40-23.62 inch) size that will feet most people.
The hat is made of our most durable RF Protection Fabric , the SHIELDON 240 and can be washed again and again without any degradation in the protection abilities. Since it is entirely made of this fabric, the hat can be folded into a very light and small size and can be put in you pocket, waiting to be pulled out when ever needed.
This product is the best product for EHS people who want try our products and don't want to stich a insert to their own cap, as this very simple hat is ready to wear.
Using a RF protection hat can allow EHS people to spend more time in RF rich environment with less symptoms and faster recovery. I wear my RF protection hats at home, when doing outside, when driving and sometimes even when sleeping.

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