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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Active RF tracking devices in Hospitals (including on newborns)

Yesterday I talked to one of my former managers (from my time at the high tech industry). He is asked me some questions about measuring low radiation RF devices. During this conversation I was reminded that in hospitals and clinics around the globe, including Israel, there is a growing use of WIFI based devices and equipment. Including in nurseries. This was something I new about but that I would rather forget. The medical system is going through a wireless revolution of it's own. Back around 2000, doctors in hospitals in Israel were issued GSM cellphones (which they were still in use in 2014 when my younger doughtier was born). Around that time micro-cells antennas were deployed in all hospitals in Israel.

In the picture bellow - micro cells of 3 criers installed in
 the corridors of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) 

  hospital, Israel 2012

Bellow - Dect Cordless phone on the reception desk of the 
labor & Delivery registration unit in Tel Aviv Sourasky 
Medical Center (Ichilov) hospital, Israel 2012

Between 2012 (when my older doughier was born) and 2014, WIFI routers were deployed in the hospitals, to be followed with the use of wireless laptops and tablets (by the medical crew).

Bellow - WIFI router in the newborn nursery in
  Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) hospital, Israel 2014

Bellow - WIFI laptop in the newborn nursery in
  Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) hospital, Israel 2014

Now I learned that there are WIFI based tracking safety tags and bracelets that allow the medical team to track the were-about of the patients and their basic medical status. I also learned that they are used on newborns. A quick search of the internet presented several videos about such devices.

Even that the need seems to be realistic and important, I am sure this can be done with passive or none RF technology. I my self am very worried from the use of RF emitting devices and heavy exposure to RF in Hospitals. But in the world that everything is going wireless, which people are addicted to their WIFI and cellphones while unaware of the possible health risk, where kids are given a cellphone or tablet since they are 3 mounts old ("look at him operating this thing, mommy's genius") , when WIFI and wireless technology are present in every house, building, public space, public transportation and mistakenly identified as progress, this type of thing is bond to happen. 

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