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Saturday, February 25, 2017

MD Yael Stein's and Amir Borenstein's presentations about EHS

During the "WIRELESS RADIATION AND HEALTH" Expert Forum, held in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Israel between the 23-26/01/2017, My self and MD Yael Stein presented to the Epidemiology working group.
MD Yael Stain presented the science supporting EHS , and I presented my personal story as an EHS person, the daily challenges and the urgent needs of an EHS person.
It is possible to view the presentations via Environment Health Trust website:
I will try to bring video version of these presentations ASAP. 


  1. כל הכבוד ליעל ולעמיר. עמיר תודה, שהחזקת מעמד בשביל כולנו. THanks a lot to Yael and Amir, and specially thanks to Amir, that he was there inspite of the high radiation in this place. You did an important thing for all of us. Thanks. Noa