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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Knesset Committee discussion - smart meters deployment in Israel - 04-07-2016

Few days ago, on the 04-07-2016, my self and other activists took part in the Economic Knesset Committee discussion about smart meters deployment in Israel.  The focus was on 2 subjects:
1. Radiation Exposure
2. Sabbath Desecrating
The meeting was attended by several Knesset members, representatives from the ministry of health & environment protection, representatives from the electric company, water authority, smart meters manufactures and more. 
The electric company declared that most of it's smart meters will be in PLC technology, the rest will have a cellular modem. 
The water authority declared that most of it's smart meters will be wireless.
Both declared that the deployment need to be mandatory. 
In the meeting there were several calls to inform each consumer about the new smart meter and get his/her approval.  
To the end of the meeting I showed a presentation about the radiation emission of the different meter and about the health risk of this radiation.
The committee called to the ministry of health and environment protection to report about the health and radiation risk, and requested the water authority to report if and how the meters were made kosher. 

Bellow the presentation I showed:

 Video -

 Video -

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