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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Convention about technology in education in Haifa - I was not let in!

Few weeks back I  was invited to a convention about technology in education (with a view point on radiation) in my home town, Haifa.
As you remember the Mair of Haifa Mr Yona Yahav enhanced a month ago that he will turn off WIFI systems in classrooms and move to band the use of smart phones in schools. That is a great step but to tell you the truth I was not convinced that it was going to happen.
I did make some phone calls and found out that they actually did turn off the WIFI in schools.
During these calls I was invited to a convention, that was supposed to be open to the public, about Technology use in Education , with a view point on radiation.
I now live in Herzeliya, about 90Km away from Haifa. My car is RF protected, and I wear RF protection hats and Jacket on the way. I knew I was going to pay a price (in pain) in order to travel to Haifa and to take part of the convention. I was willing to do so in order to maybe give a perspective about how it is to be an EHS person, about the problems in the radiation testing (that show nothing), about the high so called safety standards and about the health risk of RF and WIFI exposure. But when I got there I found out that my excess was denied. I was probably secreffied in a political attempt to please others that did not wanted to other comers of this convention to hear what I had to say. A "clean" atmosphere without distractions so they could control the outcomes of the convention.
So far for a "open to the public convention".

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