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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Prof' Sigal Sideski & Prof' Stelian Gelberg filed their affidavits in support of WIFI in schools in ISRAEL

Prof' Sigal Sideski & Prof' Stelian Gelberg filed their affidavits in support of WIFI in schools in ISRAEL.
Prof' Sigal Sideski is the head of the "Israeli knowledge center on none ionizing radiation" while she also consult the ministry of health on EMF related issues.
Prof' Stelian Gelberg is the head or the "Radiation and Noise" section in the ministry of environmental protection.
The two have lead, for years, what I see as an ambivalent approach of giving light public warning about EMF exposure without doing any concrete steps to reduce public exposure, to inform the public about studies that show biological damage, to introduce biological based RF exposure limits/standard, to reform the way RF tests are done and RF testing equipment is calibrated.
Affidavits talk in the name of "the precautionary principle" but still allow the deployment of WIFI in Israeli schools!

Prof' Stelian is hiding behind the RF safety surveys (which I think are done incorrectly, using equipment that sometime does not cover 5GHz band, which was not calibrated to measure fast changing multi frequency signal and that are done by professional testers that most of the time see their job as a calming factor - 1) which show very low levels when compared to the heat based ICNIRP so called safety standard (2).

Prof' Sigal Dideski hides behind the approach of the WHO EMF Project about RF and EHS. This group is operating under strong conflict of interests(3), which half of it's funding used to come from industry (4) and that was lead by Dr Mike Repacholi who is today a consultant to the electricity industry as to how to face public "fear" of smart radiating meter (5) and in the same time was the head of the WHO EMF Project and ICNIRP.

Both Sideski and Stelian are actually saying to the court that the WIFI deployment in Israeli schools is safe if installed according to the ministry of education CEO documen. I think they both are covering their behinds (mind my french), I think they are both responsible for all the people suffering in Israel from EMF exposure and those who are yet to come.



  1. We need strong Affidavits from others to counteract this ridiculous scenario. Everyone around the world is watching this case, especially those of us who are so badly affected by emf's.
    Sideski and Stelian are responsible for not only Israeli sufferers, but everyone around the Globe. Our children need to be protected from radiation, not used as guinea pigs!

    1. The court was given 5 affidavits from world class experts saying WIFI is dangerous and EHS is real. It seems that the court will listen only to the local authority.

  2. Please translate to english?