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Monday, March 9, 2015

Prof Sigal Sedski affidavit to the supreme court in support of WIFI deployment in schools

Following is my translation to English of Prof Sigal Sedski affidavit to the Supreme Court in support of WIFI deployment in schools.
The original Affidavits is available at -

  1. I am Prof' Sigal Sedski, Head of the Cancer and Radiation Epidemiology Unit in the GERTNER Institute of Epidemiology Research and Health Policy and the Head of TNODA- The National Knowledge Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation and Its Effect on Public Health. I am also a consultant to the Israeli Health Ministry regarding radiation.
  2. The National Knowledge Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation was established in January 2013, following a government resolution #4738 of 16 March 2006, regarding the "establishment of a national info/knowledge center for the effect of non-ionizing radiation on the public health”. Regarding the GERTNER institute, it will be noted that it is a "Community Interest Establishment", its main objective being to assist the Israeli Health System and the Ministry of Health in determining and developing health policy.
  3. My affidavit is given in support of the respondents position regarding the arrangements that were defined in the CEO memorandum 3.6-11 "The Integration of Communication Equipment and End User Devices in Schools - Health and Safety Considerations".
  4. By power invested in me, I served as a member of the second inter-ministry committee which formed the CEO memorandum of 2013. The committee, which was assembled of experts from the other relevant government ministries as noted in the reply affidavit, was requested to recommend to the Ministry of Education on the adjustment of the education system to the 21'st century, The Integration of Communication Equipment Computers in Schools - Health and Safety Considerations.
  5. By power invested in me as a member in the above committee, I took part in forming the recommendation of the second inter-ministry committee, the recommendations of which were unified into the 2013 CEO memorandum and its appendix. The recommendations the committee were based on the current available knowledge, as per the 2011 resolution of the Interdisciplinary Working Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC, that was established by the World Health Organization, to classify Radio wave radiation that is emitted from cellphones in 2B category, "A possible carcinogenic to humans". The meaning of this classification is that until conclusive proof about the existence or nonexistence of a linkage between radio wave radiation and the development of cancer will be accepted, there is a need to wisely use cell phones and other wireless technologies that emit non ionizing radiation. According to that, the policy of TNODA center, the Ministry of Health and other bodies, is that it is required to act according to the "precautionary principle". The meaning of this is that precautionary means have to be taken in order to reduce exposure, even if it was not yet scientifically proven that there is a linkage between the cause and the damage, especially when referred to young children. Based on the precautionary principle, it was determined by the second inter-ministry committee to prefer the use of wired internet networks in order to reduce the exposure of children to non-ionizing radiation, but the position of the second inter-ministry committee also acknowledges the need of using wireless internet networks according to limitations and guidance detailed in the 2013 CEO memorandum and its appendix.
  6. The Ministry of Education policy in the 2013 CEO memorandum reflects the committee recommendations, which were formed together with the other representatives of the respondent as detailed in the reply affidavits. It should be clear, because the technical field in general, and the field of radiation effect in specific, is a developing field, therefore a need might come up in the future to make further updates to the 2013 CEO memorandum. Therefore, it has been decided that the second inter-ministry committee will re-adjourn twice a year, and among other topics will examine new research findings, will discuss and will decide on changes and improvements to the instructions in the CEO memorandum according to the need (see the section of implementation and follow-up, page 4 in the 2013 CEO memorandum).
  7. In addition, following is my position as for the question of the honorable court from 18/07/2013 as for the number of children that have special sensitivity to non-ionizing radiation, and its request to describe what had been done, if any, to allocate these children. My position was detailed on section 33 of the reply affidavit and in the State's Update Notification to the Court on 19/11/2013, it is according to the position of the World Health Organization on the subject of EHS phenomena (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity). In this phenomena the symptoms which are reported are various in nature and severity, and there is no clear diagnosis criteria. It should be noted that there is no scientific base for a cause-effect link between the symptoms and  exposure to EMF (Electromagnetic field). Therefore, the recommendation of the World Health Organization is to treat the symptoms (including psychological and psychiatric analysis), to evaluate the home and work environments for potential pollution, as air, noise, light, agronomic factors, and stress relief. In accordance to the above, and since there is no specific evaluation for EHS, the Ministry of Health is not in the position, at this point and without additional info, to supply data regarding the number of children in Israel that suffer from these phenomena.
  8. This is my name, this is my signature, and content of this affidavit is the truth.
Signed, Prof' Sigal Sidesky.

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