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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

High levels of ELF magnetic fields were found in a school in which 9 teachers were diagnose with cancel, and an EHS refugee case in Israel

Today I was interviews to the IDF radio, regarding a 9 cases of cancer in a school in Bear Sheva , where ELF magnetic fields testing found high levels of ELF EMF and about a case of EHS refugee. The EHS refugee was also interviewed in this broadcast.

The case of the school, appeared today on the leading Israeli news website. 9 teachers in that school were diagnosed with cancer in the past few years. Lately ELF magnetic test done in the school found high levels or ELF magnetic field, between 7-32 mG. Some of the classes, rooms and offices in this school were evacuated. It is unknown if the high level caused the cancer or not, but the high levels probably did not make it better.

As far as ELF magnetic field, the recommendations in Israel are fairly low (Daily average of 4mG , and Yearly average of 2mG, I don't approve with the averaging over time), and the tests are simple so, most of the time, the tests will expose the problems if exist. In RF EMF, the standard is very high (10% of ICNRIP) and the testing equipment is not sensitive and very slow so, even if there are  relatively high RF levels they are not found or reported.

The article  -,7340,L-4590567,00.html
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Sara (alias name) is an EHS person. She first noticed that her iPhone is giving her headaches. After a while she found my web site and contacted me. I told here what I know about  Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity and what I think she should do. She refuse to understand that the need for change is urgent and continued using her smart phone and other wireless devices, until she become very severely EHS.
Few months ago she had to leave her apartment, where RF radiation coming via the walls and floor,  and moved to a tent in field owned by a friend. Later on when it started raining she moved between several boom shelters and one deserted house. She spent several nights in her car and couple of nights in desert settlement (that was not so good as far is ELF goes). We tried to put some temp RF protection in her apartment, but the levels were still higher than she could endure.

In the picture - Sara covering here self with RF protection, trying to rest in a field, taken by here friend, Doron.

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