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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anti cellphone Antenna rallies in Rishon Lezion, Israel

The rally took place on Sunday (06/04/2014) near the shopping center where the antennas are installed on, and Yesterfay, Monday (07/04/2014) near the Rishon Lezion town hall building.
The parents are protesting for the complete removal of the antennas. The antennas are installed on top of the shopping center building, 25-50 meters away from the Negba elementary school where about 70 kids developed headaches, stomachaches and skin rashes. Most of the kids with the symptoms learned in the classrooms facing the antennas(north side).

The protest against the antenna started a year ago and was relaunched when the parents understood that about 70 of their kids suffer from similar symptoms.
In the school itself WIFI is installed and there is no band on the operation of cellphones and wireless devices. It is our assumption that the exposure of the kids to the radiation from antennas, on top to their exposure to the radiation from the WIFI system and the cellphones in the classes, drove the kids to develop symptoms over such a short time (about a year).
According to the parents, so far the WIFI was turned off and the students are asked to turn off their cellphones when in the classes.

The parents went on strike (not sending the kids to school) a month ago which led to the closing of the WIFI and removing the kids from the north classrooms facing the antenna.
The municipality of Rishon L'tzion has, for the past year, been in unsuccessful deliberations with a cell phone company to remove their antenna. After the first strike the parents were promised that the antennas will be removed within a month. A Few days ago the antennas where still transmitting and the parents when on a strike a second time. Now the antennas are currently not working, but they can be turned on in a meter of an hour or two. The parents continue their struggle demanding to remove the antennas completely .

Video of the rally on Sunday -