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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Activity Summary report - 02-03/2014 - "No Radiation For you"

Activity Summary report 02-03/2014

"No Radiation For you"

Hello readers, activists and EHS people.
Please see below the summery report of my activities in the blogs and sites I manage.

Main events in 02-03/2014

1.       I took part in the education committee in the Knesset (Israeli parliament) about radiation exposure in schools. In the meeting 4 parents of EHS kids raised their voice and described their child EHS condition.  Please read more at -
2.       Since 23/03/2014 parents from the "NEGBA" primary school stopped sending their kids to school because the cell phone antennas were not taken off the shopping center 50 meters from the schools -  

In the last month I focused on the following issues:

1.       Activities to stop the deployment and use of WIFI in Israeli schools –We are waiting to the next hearing in the end of April 2014.
Please read more at -
2.       Support local anti radiation groups around ISRAEL regarding cellphone masts and WIFI in schools.
3.       EHS support (personal support, face to face in Israel and via email to the rest of the world).
4.       Raise EHS and EMF health risk awareness in ISRAEL and worldwide.

Main site (since 2010)

New page

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Pages that were updated

1.       Links
7.       EMF safety standards


February – 5509
March  – 5798

For EHS By EHS site –

A new site that offers special items for EHS people that will enable them to improve their quality of life.

New Pages:

2.       Wholesale
3.       Products mosaic page

Page that were updated:

7.    Wholesale Sale""
8.    "Delivery System"
10.  2 additional pages in Hebrew


February – 1231
March - 1335

English blog -

New posts

1.       Smart meter forced on an EHS person in Australia

2.       Message was received from Sofia - power is still cut off because I refuse a smart meter

3.       Knesset Panel: Education Ministry is trying to show that it acts to reduce radiation in schools

4.       Article about the "Stop WIFI in schools" law suite and EHS kids in ISRAEL

5.       Police interviews protests against cellphone antennas which is next to a school with about 70 students with EMF radiation related symptoms

6.       Sofia - "energy supplies have Benn cut off"

7.       EHS pupils in the news in ISRAEL

8.       5 people killed in a gas blast that is suspected to be related to cellphone antennas on the roof of the building

9.       30 elementary school students might be EHS in Rishon Lezion, Israel

10.   Radio Frequency Radiation from Baby Monitor

11.   Stop WIFI in school court case in ISRAEL - update 01-2014

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YouTube channel -

New clips


1.       Haifa RF signal 07 2013
February  – 3821
March - 3489


Hebrew site –

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·         14  pages were updated
February  – 3601
March - 2952

Hebrew blog -

·         42 new posts
·         Views(march only):  more than 2634

The End!
Thanks for reading and see you next time!
Amir Borenstein

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