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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RF protection on external wall

I you follow my YouTube channel ( ) you may remember that weird RF signal that appears every 12 seconds (most of the time) in my living room (video - ) . I still don't know the origin of this signal, but it cause me headaches (in the back of my head). I decided to block it using RF blocking paint. I ordered the paint, waited for it to arrive and then waited for a sunny day to apply it.
The first step was to put the grounding strips. The second step was to paint the wall with the black RF blocking paint. Then I waited for it to dry, did some RF testing, and continued the work with applying 2 layers (for now) or outdoor white paint.

For more info on the paint please see -

This is how it looks:


Putting the grounding slips

The RF blocking paint

half painted

The RF blocking paint is drying

One layer of RF blocking paint

Applying the white paint over the RF blocking paint

Done (2 layers of white paint over the RF blocking paint will do for now)

Connecting the grounding to the pole

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