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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ELF sleep-work shelter

In the last few mounts I have being supporting an EHS person from Israel. This person suffered from ELF and RF sources in his apartment. He did not sleep, more than 1 hour at a time, for about 3 years. He managed to learn about EMR from my site, and together we found and dealt with every RF and ELF source and "hot-spot" in his house.
This person used RF and ELF meters to find the "hot-spot" and to track the RF and ELF levels in his apartment. We used RF blocking fabrics as a temp RF blocking, just to make sure that the person will feel better after the reduction of the RF in the living room. It seemed to work fine, he felt better. Then he painted the living room internal wall with RF blocking paint in order to block RF coming from his neighbors (DECT and WIFI right next to the wall). The outcome was an improvident in his feeling while being in the living room. Then we selected a room which seems to be most suitable for sleep (ELF and RF wise) and he painted the ceiling with an RF blocking paint. The last step (so far) was to build a shelter from ELF (coming from CRT TV on the next floor) so he could sleep and work in. The shelter is composed of high changing shelves that are covered with Me-Metal ELF blocking film. The EHS person report 3 hours of sleep the night after installation. After few adjustment he reported a 6 hour sleep (full night!).

Before you are the pictures:

RF protection in the living room

ELF shelter 

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