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Monday, January 7, 2013

Radio Frequency(RF) Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR) blocking canopy

Before you the Radio Frequency(RF) Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR) blocking canopy video review.
I did this video in order to show that the RF blocking canopy  works, at least as far as the measuring can show. Many EHS people need to try the canopy, since they have same levels of RF radiation in their house, and since in some cases not other means are possible, or in some case all other mean were already tried out with some success but not full success. The RF blocking canopy may be the solution for some EHS. It is very important to point out that as in any other RF protection canopies are not for everyone.
I hope that this video will ancarage people that need it to tryout.
I managed to convince the supplier ( in Israel to let me rent this canopy so people can try it before they take 1000$ out their pocket. If people decide to buy it they get the rent back. If not, well at least they tried.
I hope that other, business world wide, will follow that example.

Video - 

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