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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

94% of Israeli school students use their cellphone in class

Two weeks ago a new study was published by the university of Haifa Israel that showed that 94% of the student uses their cellphone in the classrooms and during lessons.

Today a teacher published a column in the leading Israeli site YNET and complained that most of his students are using their cellphone in the classroom leaving him not chance to pass his lecture/lesson.

The thing is that the ministry of education was supposed to restrict and limit  the use of cellphone in the schools (ban in classes, allow in special areas, educate for safe use) according to its decision from a year ago (following a low suite - ) and the recommendation of a multi ministry comity ( It seems that other then publishing their resolution (and patting on their own backs for doing that) the ministry of education did nothing to enforce the resolution, leaving the schools as a "no man's land". 


  I am beginning to think this is a systematic way of handling things in the ministry of education.

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