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Monday, May 14, 2012

Afraid from cellphone tower, using wireless devices

Last Friday i went to give a lecture about electromagnetic radiation in a building where a cellphone antenna was contracted next to it on a neighbored building. The people that came to the lecture were very upset with the cellphone antenna, but they all had smart phones. In the living room of the apartment the lecture and meeting was done in there was a wireless routed, a DECT  phone and 3 kids, one with a 10" tablet, the second with a iPhone and the third with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, all surfing WIFI and playing internet games.
The RF levels inside the living room were very high, about 5mW/m2. after the WIFI router and the DECT phone were turned off (the kids stopped playing for a minuet)  the levels drops to 0.2mW/m2 just next to the windows.

People are not aware that all these smartphone, tablets and other wireless devices emit RF radiation. all the worry abouth is the cellphone antenna.

Even EHS people sometimes do the mistake of underestimating the danger cellphones and wireless devices. Every day EHS people call me using their smartphone (email, and voice conversation). For an EHS person to use a cellphone, a smart phone or any other wireless devices is like shooting a bullet into there own brain. Even in cases the an EHS person does not feel pain when using the cellphone or other wireless devices, he is putting him self in a danger zone, and I have no doubt that this exposure actually make his condition worse and pushes him to the edge of becoming even more sensitive.

Please reed Olle Johansson article about this issue (use google translator)

Please see the following videos:

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