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Friday, May 25, 2012

Radiation in the education ministry? work two hours less

This post was written (translated) by a EMR activist in Israel (she asked to stay unnamed).

Following miscarriages and cancer increase, the workers of the education ministry fear that the powerline near the building emits high levels. The solution of the ministry's executive: go home early. One of the workers in response: "it is a sad joke." 

Workers in the education ministry were informed that the working day of part of them would be shortened from now on in two hours. However the workers are not satisfied. The reason: it is not a prize, but an intermediate solution of the ministry's executive in order to deal with the worker's claim on radiation in the offices that endangers their health. During the last years, workers in the education ministry noticed an increase of cancer among the workers, and many cases of miscarriages among the women workers. They decided to hire a private company, that determined that the building is near a powerline that emits high levels of magnetic field, especially in the upper floors of the building. The education ministry checked also several times but the results were not received yet. The workers fear for their health, they approached lately to the executive of the ministry, Dalit Shtauber, and she promised to check the subject and how it's possible to make it easier for the workers. 
In an email that was send to the workers from the executive, they were told that the education ministry and the Civil Service Commission, decided about a temporary solution that will make the anxiety and the panic feeling easier, until the findings of an industrial doctor's radiation check will be accepted. It was decided to approve temporarily a shortened working day of 6 hours for 95 workers in the floor where high radiation level was found, was written in the notice to the workers. "I am glad that the effort to shorten the working day for the workers in the floors where high level of radiation was found, yielded fruit and I see it as an important achievement for the relief of the worried workers"

One of the workers told Ynet that "it's a sad joke, also 6 hours of exposure to radiation is dangerous to health and if the building is really dangerous then it's time they close the offices and transfer us to another place".

From the education ministry it was told that "Dalit Shtauber, the ministry's executive, received the decision to temporarily approve the working day to 6 hours for the workers from good will to make it easier on the panic and anxiety that the workers expressed to her. And this is until the reception of an industrial doctor. It would be clarified that this decision is not a recognition in the danger of the radiation or a decision that the workers are in an increased exposure to the radiation. A decision on this subject will be received only by a check of an industrial doctor, who is an expert on this subject.

Article in Hebrew,7340,L-4232276,00.html

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