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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Israeli government is confused about wireless technologies.

People from around the world asked me in the past few days if 4G was banded in Israel.
No, it was not officially banded .

As far as I know there is an ongoing litigation about advanced cellphone use (when the low suit was issued, by the forum for sane cellphone use, it was about 3G video, Internet and data, but now it seems to be about 4G) in the Supreme Court (,7340,L-3105745,00.html ) .

In addition the ministry of environmental protection and the ministry of health are calling for a public debate before further deployment of 4G, LTE and WIMAX technologies ( Hebrew post, please use translator - )
So for the time being, there is no commercial 4G network in Israel, yet.
One of the cellphone companies has announces few months ago that it started to deploy 4G network, but since then there was no news on this issue (

The government in Israel is acting in two opposite directions regarding the wireless issue. From one side warning about the use of cell phone and other wireless devices where issued by the ministry of health and the ministry of environment protection, and on the other hand it seems that wireless technologies are being deployed and pushed to the public with the approval of the government, sometimes by the government and municipal governments .
For example, this is the case with WIFI in schools, where a comity (with representatives from ministry of health, the ministry of environment protection and the ministry of education) issued a report that 'call" for wired Internet in schools, and according to its' report mobile phone use was limited in schools ( (Hebrew posts, please use translator - But this report does not band WIFI, and It says that the IARC resolution is not "strong" and that it is not widely excepted. They go ahead saying that we need to act according to the "precautionary principle" without saying what it is. After this report was issues a different division of the ministry of education started the deployment and installation of WIFI networks in schools around the country (Hebrew posts, please use translator - , ) .
Another example of this is the warning that were issues a while ago on cellphone and wireless devices use, both by the ministry of Health and of environmental protection ( ). Later on that year, the ministry of Communication pushed for 2 additional 3G cellphone networks (Hebrew post, please use translator - ) and for WIFI in cities around Israel ( Hebrew post, please use translator - ) . In addition to that wireless water smart meters are being deployed in Israel as we speak, again very quietly… sh…sh…sh…the public is sleeping!

Some people here say that what the ministry of environment and health are doing is deliberately in order to show to the public that they are doing all they can about this issue, while still allowing the wide spread of wireless technologies.

On the Knesset front (the Israeli parliament) there are several MK that are trying contently working to create new lows regarding public awareness of the danger from wireless technologies and protection of the public from the non heat related health effect. Leading this group are MK Yulia Shamalov Berkovich and Dov Khenin who purposed a new low that will require health warning labels to be put on cellphones ( . On the other hand MK Meir Shitrit is pushing for a low that require the installation of WIFI router in all public building (Hebrew post, please use translator - ).

I think the government is very confused. I think most of them never measured the RF levels from a wireless router, several laptops working in the same room, smart meters, cellphone antenna, cell phones, and any other RF or ELF sources. I think that none of them is an EHS, none of them suffered from RF or ELF EMR. I think that they know only a small part of the science proof for the damage caused by RF and ELF EMR, and even if they do know it, their interpretation is wrong. I think they are all very limited in their views, knowledge and actions.
But on the other hand I am very naïve; maybe all of this is just a very big spin!
So I give you :
The flag of the "Wireless State of Israel"

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