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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another delay in deploying the control and tracking system for monitoring the power output cellular antenna in israel.

Another delay in deploying the control and traking system for monitoring the power output cellular antenna in israel.

For the article you van understand the following facts:

1. The system monitor only third-generation antennas!
2. The cellphone companies have 2 databases, one for to show and one top secret for technical use (with all the right data).
3. No one knows for years what really is going on with the cellphone masts!
4. There is a lot of doubt about the correctness of the data that the ministry of enviroment protections since there has been lots of changes in the cell masts deployment after they were approved and established.

5. Cellular companies change the power of the cell phone mast according to the nu,ber of , amount of traffic and technical needs independently and without updating the of the ministry of enviroment protections.

6. Cellular companies can do whatever they want with their masts ana antennas without anyone knowing about it and without any permission.

Also I understood that the electromagnetic radiation safty standart take into acount only termal damege and it does not take into account any biological damage. The only thing this device takes into account is clear and immediate harm her temperature. Many studies published in the past observed changes at the cell level and biological systems with very low radiation levels down to 1000 times less than the so called “safty Standard”.

Please understand – cellphone are not healthy!

Please understand – electromagnetic radiation exposure is not healthy!

Please reduce the use of mobile and wireless devices!

We need much lower standard!

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