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Thursday, June 7, 2018

The New ENV RD-10 EMF meter + videos

Few years back Yair from envirosense accepted a list of needs from me for a new meter. I wanted a new EMF meter that would be very easy to operate, will not cost much, will allow the use to "see" RFR/ ELF magnetic and ELF electric field, will have an alert mode and will be very very small so you can take it in your pocket.
In addition I said that it would be nice if you can also connect it to a PC and use with a monitoring program.
Yair added few features, for example the rechargeable battery, and started working on it.
The outcome is the RD-10 RF/ELFm/ELFe meter.
You can use it as an handheld EMF detector, or connect it to a PC or android for monitoring needs (using the cable and software application that comes with).
When I was given the second prototype for QA testing, I could not believe my eyes. It had all that I wanted and more. It was easy to use and "showed" the radiation. It was very fast and I could not feel it in my pocket. It allowed me to better identify EMF sources and people with smart phones (that emit RF most of the time) during the day. I found it also very good for explanations and demos as it is very easy to read, even if you are not an EMF profesional.

The meter is available on my store site  - , starting at US$139.9

Please see videos bellow:

ENV RD-10  Unboxing and Presentation 

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