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Friday, May 4, 2018

New Polsing Radio Frequency Radiation in Israel - 02-05-2018

High levels of  Radio Frequency  Radiation pulsing  in Zichron Yaakov,  Israel, Coming from  the north or west (sea),  2-5-2018.
In this area the levels are usually  around  0.5-1  mW/m2, 044-0.62V/m. In the video you can see levels as high as 29mW/m2 (3.3V/m in the CORNET ED88T) and 36.3mW/m2(3.7V/m in the Acosticom AM-10 meter).
I am guessing this could be navy radars, some kind of measuring system, a ground-see missile defence system, or other.

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