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Friday, April 6, 2018

City of Herzeliya deploy LED light with wireless RF technology

Few weeks back I went to Herzliya, were I used to live for about 7 years. On this visit I saw that the street lights on the street my old house stands, were upgraded to led lights. On top of the reflector I saw something that on first glance looked to me as a small RF antenna.
I looked it up tonight and it seems to be true.
I found a brochure from one of the manufacturer's noting that the communication was from one street light to the other and to a main controller in 2.4GHz:
Controllers use 2.4GHz wireless communication of the EEE.802.15.4 standards to communicate between each other"
Brochure -
Site -

I did not have the chance to test the RF radiation from these poles. I don't know if they radiate all the time, once in few seconds, minutes or hours.

On the site of Herzeliya Moniciple, I found more info (the original is in Hebrew, here is my translation):
"A remot Control and command system that will allow fast identification and handling of mishaps and control over the light strength according to the need. The Project will also be a base for smart city infrastructure and will allow more smart services in the future"
The original -
" מותקנת מערכת שליטה ובקרה מרחוק המאפשרת זיהוי וטיפול מהיר בתקלות ושליטה על עוצמת התאורה לפי הצורך. הפרויקט גם מהווה בסיס לתשתית של עיר חכמה ויאפשר שירותים חכמים נוספים בעתיד. "

System components from

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