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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ministry of health and the Israeli Cancer association say "

Yesterday, 29/01/2018, the "Israeli Ministry of Health", together with the "Israeli Cancer Association" hosted a press conference in which they gave a glimpse over the data of the Israeli Cancer registry in 2014. They claimed that the number of brain tumors did not increase in the last two decades, and they applied or suggested that this prove that cell phone use do not cause cancer.

Later on the same day, Professor Sigal Sidesky, the head of the Israeli information center on non-ionizing radiation said "There is no link between the fact that the number of cancer incidence did not climb to the link between cancer and cell phones"

I myself think that the assumption by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Israeli Cancer Association is both wrong and Irresponsible.
A. It is not a stucy, just data from the Israeli cancer registrator about 2014, that was shared with comments and opionions.
B. When looking at the link between cancer and cell phone use, one must look at the number of new cancers per year for the type of cancer cellphone is considered responsible or a promoter (glioma, acoustic aroma, salivary gland and thyroid gland). The data from the registry looks on all brain cancers together.
C.  In addition when I look at the data from the registry (I have access to 1980-2013 and not to 2014) I see that the base level over which the numbers changes every year, has changed and is now higher than before.

See for yourself:

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