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Friday, July 21, 2017

CH10 Israeli TV - Report about EMF radiation sources at home

Yesterday (20/07/2017), at 21:00 on CH10, Israeli TV, a very long TV report was aired about EMF radiation sources and exposure.
The report was done by "Osot Heshbon" (translated close to "Making Calculation"), Linoy Bar Gefen and Sivan Klingbill. In it three professional EMF survey tester (2 of them I personally know, Liran Raz and Daniel Shvartzberg) showed the radiation levels (both RF and ELF) near home applainces and other sources.  The Reported also interview Prof' Sigal Sidesky (Head of Tnuda) and the head of Radiation and noise department at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Prof Stelian Gelberg.

The report made very big noise in the web.
Discussions over it still continues.
I think it has brought awarness to more people.
I hope this awareness will bring some change in how people use appliances and how the public see and understand the possible risk of EMF exposure.

Link to Hebrew video -

Bellow pictures from the TV  report

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