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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Smart Bluetooth pillow - why , who ,how?

YNET , Israeli leading news site published on the  04/05/2017 a short article about a new smart pillow with Bluetooth communication that links to your smartphone which is put next to you when you sleep, in order to track your sleeping patterns and wake you up in the most "Natural" way (with led lights and music).

Maybe I can get such a device with WIFI access point and a 5G network antenna inside?
If it was not a reality It would be very funny. But it is real and it is not funny.

How do repetitively smart people think of designing such devices without even imagining the harm they can be doing to their future users?
How can people pre-order this devices with no reflection on the possible health risk?
Who in his right mind will buy such a device (and I promise you that if you will stick a WIFI access point in one of these, it will sell even better)?
Why is this even possible?

The regulators are the first to blame on this. They are the ones that set the so called safety standards and regulation that allow these devices to be approved for wide usage, and they are the ones that should( and don't) educate the public about the possible health effect of such devices and of RFR and ELF.
The regulators set the conditions in which an engineer will think to himself "Why not embed a Bluetooth transmitter 0 cm from a person brain?" and then a child go and think "why not put my smart phone under the pillow?"
This is how we come to this day when engineers puts a Bluetooth transmitter in a pillow and the public rush to order one.

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