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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Complaints against a public warning done by EMF awareness non profit groups in the UK.

Complaints have been filled against a public warning done by EMF awareness non profit groups in the UK.

The main argue is that there is not "good evidence" to health effect from cellphone and WIFI devices, so I guess there is no need to warn the public.
Define "good science" or "good evidence" , I guess their definition of "good evidence" (which they say does not exist) is that it is "good" only if it comply with their false theory that EMF have not health effect.
The fact that RF (Radio Frequency ) can't break an electron from the atom directly does not mean it can not cause biological changes and damage in other ways.
This is just like what we saw in the past with Tobacco, asbestos and other agents. The industry is trying to continue the selling a production of services and products that can pose a health risk.
People and scientist that believe that there is no health effect to RF exposure are not only wrong but they serve the industry's' interest and not the public and should recheck their science.

The only investigation that should be done is of the relations of those that file the complains, and of the NHS and WHO and ICNIRP with industry.
Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity is real and cause by exposure to EMF. people tha suffer from it are the first to react. As time passes and exposure increases, more and more people will suffer. It starts with pain in the head when talking on the cellphone and get worse with time to a point in which every exposure, to even very low level, cause pain.
In some of the studies done on EHS, the researches wrongly exposed the subjects to EMF radiation when there should have been none. Then when the subjects (not only EHS people) reacted to the exposure, the researches wrongly concluded that it was not real and cause by fear of from the phone.

If you want read about some of the science showing biological effect from Radio Frequency ( a type of non-ionizing radiation) please go to -

If you want to read about some of the science about EHS please see -

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