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Friday, April 21, 2017

Breaking news - Taxes on cellphones cancelled in Israel

The minister of Treasury (Finance), Moshe Kahlon,  ordered the cancellation of import taxes on smartphones.
Cellphones and smartphones cost is going to be reduced by 15%.

Back in 2011, Kahlon, acting then as the communication ministry, gained credit of creating the condition for the "cellphone revolution in Israel" (opening the market for 2 new carriers), which brought down the price for time package to around 35NIS (about US$10) for all including monthly Voice+Data package. This reduction in price allowed more people to talk and use their cellphone for more time.

These 2 actions of Kahlon are regarded by the Israeli public as very welcomed. As the public is addicted to the use of these devices and is unaware or knowingly refuse to understand that the use can contribute to health problems such as Cancer and Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity(EHS).


  1. The public is duped into thinking they are safe and have long been addicted to their devices. They don't care--like tobacco smokers didn't care about lung cancer. The sad thing is it isn't just a small segment of the population who knows the risks and are willing--for themselves--to take them. It is every living thing on th planet exposed. :( Every living this on the planet affected. Every living thing on the planet involuntarily exposed to this health zapping product. Nobody seems to notice because nearly everyone is addicted to this. Tobacco is a great analogy--even the industries (wireless and tobacco) used the same tactics to lure you in and get you hooked and then deny all the health effects. Only the wireless industry is worse because they are affecting the entire planet and they are targeting the most vulnerable among us--children. :(

    1. Thanks for your message.
      I totally agree.