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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Seminar regarding radiation from cell phone and wireless devices - Devra Davis - TAU - 02-2017

Yesterday, the 02 Feb 2017, a seminar was held in Tel Aviv University, with PhD Dick Morganstern & PhD Devra Davis.  PhD Devra Davis talked and presented about the radiation from cell phone and wireless devices, during which she summaries the convention held last week in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. PhD Dick Morganstern talked about the future expectation and changes in environmental policy coming with the administration in the USA (Tramp).

Following are pictures from PhD Devra Davis presentation:
In the next few days we will upload also videos.

  PhD Alon Tal hosting PhD Dick Morganstern & PhD Devra Davis

PhD Dick Morganstern talking to the audience. 

 Aspects of RF radiation

Power of Signal Fluctuates During a Phone Call

 1996 Standards for Cell Phones Based on Outdated Assumptions

 Repeated calls for research on infants, toddlers, young children, pregnancy
(amirb remark - while the products and exposure is already out there)

Summering the Wireless radiation and health work groups

 Partial Results of NTP Carcinogenicity Studies of Cell Phone Radio-frequency

WIFI Tablet radiation into 6 year old child

 Microwave Radiation into the 6 Year Old Child from Virtual Reality Simulations

   Mobile Phone in Pocket Dose to Gonads and Bone Marrow

 Summering the Wireless radiation and health work groups

 Summering the Wireless radiation and health work groups

 Medical Uses of Modeling

RF Damages Human Sperm

 Increased risk of gliomas and meningiomas with heaviest 
cell phone users in gFrench study (2014)

 Corrigendum to “Inferring the 1985–2014 impact of mobile phone use on selected brain cancer subtypes using Bayesian structural time series and synthetic controls”

1985–2014 annual number of newly registered cases of
 malignant glioma and glioblastoma multiforme

 Physiological and Psychological Effects of High Exposure to Digital Media

Multi-media efforts to promote public and health
professional understanding of wireless radiation

 Public Service Announcements from EHT

 WiFi deployment in schools

 The Precautionary Principle:
1. Avoid activities that may lead to harm
2. The decision maker is responsible for any harm caused
3. Lack of scientific evidence doesn’t justify taking risks

 Several Commercial Insurance Firms Exclude Damages from EMF

 "The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything." - Albert Einstein

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