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Saturday, January 28, 2017

"WIRELESS RADIATION AND HEALTH" Expert Forum - January 2017 (Preliminary post)

This passing week I took part in the "WIRELESS RADIATION AND HEALTH" Export Forum on Environmental Health Research and Policy Priorities, that was organizes by Devra Davis and Charles Greenblatt and that took place in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Israel between the 23-26/01/2017.

The forum included presentations, talks and working groups (Basic science, Epidemiology, Measuring and assessments and Policy making) . leading scientist, academics, engineers, medical doctors, and government officials from several countries (Israel, USA, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus) took part.

The presentations and talks were mainly about the biological effect of RF and non ionizing radiation, several new studies and finding were presented, new ways and techniques for Radiation simulation, safety standards and testing. The questions that was asked again and again was: "do we know enough?" and "What should we do next?". It appears that the majority agreed that we do know that there are biological effects, that children are the most vulnerable,  that the currant safety standard that are based on heat effect only are not sufficient. In addition it seems to me that the general view was that we do know enough to act now and that the current definition of RF radiation as a "possible carcinogen" should be update to "probable carcinogen". Several voices called to move from the precautionary approach to prevention.

I had the privilege to present a short presentation about my EHS Story , EHS people limitation and needs in front the Epidemiology working group.
In this conversion I meet many interesting people both from Israel and from around the world. I had the pleasure of meeting academics and scientists from Israel, USA, UK, Cyprus, Engineers from Brazil and Switzerland and of course Devra Davis and her hard working and promising staff Thoedora and Sarina.  I would like to thank the organizers for this opportunity to take part in such an event, as an EHS person I can say it was not easy but I think that it was a privilege and very fruitful.

Update 25/02/2017 - video and presentations are now available on the EHT site at - 


  1. Sounds positive. Any amount of progress is good to hear. Good job.

    1. Yes, overall I think it was a step in the right direction.